Affiliates and LGBTQ

For my transmen customers and other LGBT customers

Q) Are you really LGBT friendly or just trying to get trade?

A) Yes, our founder Ash has personally dated a multitude of genders.

Everyone deserves respect, it doesn’t matter what your family dynamic, gender or sexuality is. Her personal ethos is reflected in business.

Q) Are you sure you can handle what I need to tell you about my post-op male genitalia?

A) Ash rarely is shocked by anything, very accepting and considers herself as extremely liberal. You haven’t seen her friendship circle! She is aware that in the last trimester of pregnancy, her transmen customers are pretty much constantly erect, with extra length and girth than their average erect state. Sometimes, dimensions may need to be discussed in order to get a correct fitting (almost like bust size would be discussed during a bra fitting).  Ash is working on getting an anti-bacterial microfibre lining for the extra sensitivity around the penis during pregnancy. Please don’t feel embarrassed. This exact situation is discussed when Ash interviews any machinists who may need to contact you directly. Everyone associated with Dandelion Weatherstone absolutely to be onboard with her transmen customers and also really comfortable with LGBT issues themselves, so they make you feel relaxed.

Q) I feel really anxious and have body dysmorphia because of my pregnancy, will you be gentle with me?

A) You are welcome to a free Zoom consultation with Ash. She’s very empathetic even though she’s cisgender and cannot directly relate, but she’s passionate about body confidence, and the acceptance of trans people. She grew up with awareness because of a trans ordained Buddhist at her temple, and now has trans friends.

Q) Can you post Worldwide?

A) Yes, but until we are in a financial position to have a ready-to-wear transman line, we at the moment make the transmen undies to order. This obviously takes a bit longer to dispatch. Most of our transmen customers are in the USA. We can normally turn around an order and have it delivered within a few weeks. We will try to move mountains for you if we can and you need them faster.

Q) Will you address me as the gender I request please?

A) Of course, you don’t even need to ask. There’s no judgement here.  Just let us know so we don’t accidentally offend you.

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I help people overcome anxiety, phobias, self-doubt, chronic pain issues and much more using a combination of Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). I work from a therapy room in the heart of Exeter, Devon and also online via Zoom or FaceTime. I offer a free 45-minute initial consultation so we can discuss how I might be able to help you.

Have you been affected by trauma? Does it still affect your daily life?

Are you avoiding places, people, music, or even TV programmes, as they are connected to the trauma suffered?  Do you want to be less connected to the trauma? Then you need to talk to Kamal who can help you in as little as 3 x 2-hour sessions.  Using a technique where you DON’T EVEN TALK ABOUT the trauma, you can remove the emotional connection to the trauma and see it as something that happened in the past and start living your life in full.  You can connect with her via the website above or email