Image of Dandelion Weathertone Founder Natasha

The founder

Hi there I’m Ash (short for Natasha, but apparently that’s the nickname for a hooker in Cyprus!) and I’m the Irish-Anglo founder of Dandelion Weatherstone CIC. I’m also a size 20 single mum, a massive swimming enthusiast (hoping to do a 6 -mile open water swim for charity in 2022), a greyhound adopter and a self-confessed addict to buying junk on eBay!

After seven days in labour with my half-Indian daughter in 2012, I was rushed into theatre for an emergency C-section owing to diabetic complications. Sage’s heart had stopped, and I delivered her under general anaesthetic.

The story

Grab a cuppa, move the dog off the sofa, and get ready to hear Ash’s emotive interview for yourself

I’m sharing with you this story because that day the seed of Dandelion Weatherstone was sown – I knew that I passionately wanted to not only financially help the neonatal team that saved my daughter’s life, but also provide funky antibacterial knickers that could be delivered the next day for my fellow heroine sisters – from-different-misters.  There was literally nothing fit for purpose out there, and I needed suitable underwear to aid my healing and reduce the pain.

The beginning of Dandelion Weatherstone

The ethics

Ethics are at the core of Dandelion Weatherstone, as much as they are in my personal home. My lawyer delivered a 63-page anti-slavery contract to my Chinese factory, which also ensured that all processes and ingredients were vegan. I even made sure that my web designer and accountant were not associated with anything or anyone unethical. Also my packaging is 100% biodegradable.

Animal welfare, factory workers’ conditions, the mental health of those I use services of,  and the future of Mother Earth are as important to me as the super skilled midwifery team that got me through my labour. If you think I can change a process to become more ethical then I would love to hear from you.

What is the latest news on the knicker crusade?

Dandelion Weatherstone is proud to be regularly supplying the Baby Bereavement Teams at East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust and Doulas Without Borders with anti-bac knickers at absolutely no charge. Why should those who have experienced baby loss, conception through rape, sex trafficking, domestic violence or mental health difficulties be forced to shop for underwear when they are clearly not well enough to do so?

As a brand, Dandelion Weatherstone stands strong and united with sexual violence survivors of all genders, and watch this space, as there are big plans in this area! Ash believes that more fashion labels should be supporting these issues and says, “If you are not actively part of the solution, then you are actively part of the problem.”. During Sexual Violence Awareness Week, Ash linked up with Thrive Safe and The Cobra club to put on an event to educate employers on how to help their employees if they approach them about sexual violence trauma.  She says “No excuses, I don’t care if it’s uncomfortable to hear, we all have a responsibility to help survivors. What are you doing to make a difference?”