Every design in this collection is named after a person who has spiritually helped Ash on her journey to where she is today, and she needs to credit them for their help.

Ms Wagland Knickers

Named after Ash’s inspirational art teacher at secondary school,  Helen  Wagland who taught her she could get to London College of Fashion and become a fashion designer despite being working class. This is Ash’s thank you for having her back and pushing her through the glass ceiling.


Greensocks Knickers

Named after one of Ash’s closest friends who she met when she was just six. Greensocks (who always rebelliously wore green socks to school) has brought light and stability to her life during the darkest moments and always encouraged her.

His home has been, at times, a non-judgemental, emotional sanctuary for her. He’s the brother she never had, and at one point, he nearly became her birthing partner (and had to explain that to his very tolerant -then girlfriend – now – wife!).

Journey to Chocolate

Ann Girling, authour of Journey to Chocolate is kindly donating ALL PROCEEDS after postage to sponsor Dandelion Weatherstone knickers for those less fortunate.


Welcome into the arms of Dandelion Weatherstone CIC, a company set up with a vision to provide antibacterial, vegan and funky post C-section / abdominal surgery knickers to women / birthing people at their time of need.  Our vegan founder Ash, first realised that there was nothing fit for purpose after her emergency C-Section in 2012, and it was in the recovery room that her anger over the situation became an ambition to help other women and birth people in her position. Dandelion Weatherstone offers:

  • UKCA marked (formerly known as the CE kitemark when the UK was in the EU)
  • High waisted knickers with soft fibres to avoid incision irritation
  • Boning and elasticated polyester fabric to pull the tummy in and reduce the risk of diastasis recti (separation of the ‘six pack’ muscles), and reduces pain in post-operative situations or painful period / endometriosis / PCOS
  • The fibres have been impregnated with SILVADUR 930 FLEX Antimic IDH NO: 16896 an antibacterial agent which is guaranteed for 50 washes at 40 degrees to prevent infection. 3-15% of all C-section sites and 15-25% of other abdominal surgery sites will become infected (stats from National Centre for Biotechnology Information, USA)
  •   This product acts as a shield to protect your wound when breastfeeding so you can bond with your baby
  • Totally vegan, including the dyes and processes. We’ve tried to go as eco-friendly as we possibly can for a product that needs certain un-eco qualities to it, and we are aiming to make it more green over time. Our contract to the factory even involved requesting minimum water usage when rinsing the dyes out.
  • An anti-slavery policy on our manufacturing
  • Our bisexual founder likes to treat the LGBTQ community as family, and no matter how sensitive your situation is, you will be treated with the utmost respect that you deserve, and with the pronouns you request to be used
You can find out more about Ash and the current status of her knicker crusade here

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If your baby has sadly fallen asleep forever, we are so very deeply sorry. We have linked up with Tree Nation to offer a  tree planting service to help you remember them.

Ash personally experienced a silent miscarriage in November in 2021, but has decided to be open with her customers in order to help others and be more approachable. She also buried a close friend’s baby earlier on the same year.Visit Tree Nation

Can’t afford our knickers? How about a payment plan or having them for free?

That’s fine, there’s no snobbery here. Women and birth people deserve our knickers irrespective of income. We have a few ways of getting sponsored knickers to you. Just contact us HERE to discuss either way we won’t judge you, and Ash would have needed financial help at that time in her life too.

If you wish to buy, we are approachable about discussing an individually tailored payment plan if that suits you better.